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Keep More of Your Money, Earn a Competitive Return on Your Investment, and Diversify Your Investment Portfolio In a Stable and High-Demand Investment--Multifamily Real Estate


Competitive return on investment with mitigated risk


Invest in assets that have historically performed well in all market cycles


Investors can use cash, self-directed IRAs, Solo 401Ks, trusts, LLC’s, and more


Ownership in an LLC allows for pass-through tax benefits


Receive consistent passive income directly to your bank account


Options for diversification across multiple projects, operators, & geographies


Commercial real estate is not correlated with the stock market


We only partner with the best sponsors in the business

4 Steps To Start Earning Passive Income

Join The Investor Club

The Investor Club is a community of investors who are interested in creating passive income streams and growing long-term wealth through apartment syndications. (It’s free, and there are no obligations to invest).

Personalized Approach

 We are NOT a one-investment-fits-all company. We work with you individually to assess for your current situation and your long-term goals and then find the best investment opportunities to meet your needs.

Build Your Portfolio

 Choose the investments that work for you. We only work with the best sponsors in the business and fully vet all sponsors and projects. We also stay by your side through the entire process so you always know exactly what’s going on.

Relax and Grow Wealth!

 The goal of these investments is to have your money work for you. Once you’ve invested, you begin generating passive income— there’s really nothing left to do but enjoy the returns and plan for the next investment.

Why Choose Freestyle Capital Group?

About Our Company

Freestyle Capital Group is a private equity firm that provides opportunities to invest in syndicated, value-add real estate  opportunities in the multifamily space.

Through relationships with trusted partner-sponsors, investors can invest alongside some of the best sponsors in the business with proven track records providing excellent risk-adjusted returns to investors in one of the best wealth-building asset classes: multifamily real estate.

Our #1 Focus and Priority Is You, The Investor.


We find investments to fit the investor, not the other way around.

Our promise:

  • Our President and Founder, Melanie McDaniel, will cultivate a personal relationship with each investor and will keep the business small enough to allow time for these one-on-one connections. 
  • We have no allegiance to the partners and will hand-select investments based on the whole picture (sponsor, deal, market) and what is best for the investor.
  • Each sponsor, deal and market will be fully vetted so each investor gets an extra layer of underwriting on every deal.
  • We will continue to offer support and present opportunities to investors as needed and as appropriate to ensure each investor achieves their investment goals.

Meet The Founder and President

Melanie McDaniel

Melanie McDaniel is the Founder and President of Freestyle Capital Group, LLC. With the support of an SEC lawyer, CPA, and professional underwriter, she works closely with every client to help them achieve their investment goals. 

To ensure the best results, Melanie studies and vets all the operators, deals, markets and trends. Using her knowledge, experience, and interviews with other industry professionals, she uncovers the best investment opportunities for her clients.

A Veteran of the United States Navy, Melanie is a licensed real estate agent in three states, CA, VA, and AZ. She first became a passive investor as a Limited Partner of syndication in Huntsville, AL. She also acquired a 24-unit property with two partners in Norfolk, VA. 

As she continued to network and meet other syndicators, she selected a few with excellent track records to partner with for future opportunities. She continues to network to find new partners who meet her strict requirements.

Melanie now spends her time providing education on multifamily syndications, meeting new investors, and growing relationships with her partners. She travels the world to inspire others to follow the path to financial freedom by being intentional about earning passive income, growing wealth and designing a dream lifestyle.

What People Are Saying

Joseph Bridenstine
Melanie is always willing to go the extra mile and genuinely looks out for her client's best interests. Melanie is genuine and has the ability to bring clarity to your goals that would not be present without her keen insight. Do yourself a favor and connect with Melanie at any opportunity you get!
Corey Chonsky
Melanie has been instrumental in the building of my Hampton Roads rental portfolio over the last few years. I’m sure that I’m not the only investor in the area that wishes that she was staying in Virginia but Hampton Road's loss is Arizona’s gain.
Andrea Barrett
Any question or property I asked her about received a quick response! I never felt alone in the process and she was there from beginning to end. She is simply AMAZING!
Anthony Pinto
As a novice real estate investor, she walked me through the whole process from beginning to end. She has also connected me with my attorney, contractor, insurance agent, lenders and financial partners for my most recent JV.
Jonathan New
She knows the business inside and out. She works tenaciously at all hours. I cannot state adequately how fantastic she is in the business! Melanie is a consummate professional who knows the business and is amazingly passionate about the success of everyone that she works with.
Andrew Ladner
Professional and extremely hard-working, Melanie makes the real estate business enjoyable. She has connected me with valuable team members in the area including loan officers, general contractors, insurance agents and real estate attorneys to help me build my investing team and hit the ground running in this new market. Melanie will undoubtedly be the key to my and many other investors success in this area.
Sean Rooks
Melanie is extremely hardworking, efficient, investor savvy, and personable. Will pull any team to the next level by her own initiative, drive, and leadership.

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Subscribe to the Freestyle Capital Group Newsletter and get the FREE download, Is Multifamily the Unicorn Investment? 16 Reasons it May Be